Can I swim in my contact lenses?

It is not advised to swim in lenses. Apart from the risk of loss, there are some organisms that might attach themselves to your lenses and later cause severe infection. These organisms exist even in chlorinated pools, so the risk of contamination exists even if you swim in water that contains a disinfectant. If you do go swimming in lenses, then you should remove them as soon as possible afterwards and thoroughly clean them to remove all possible organisms that might adhere to the surface. If using disposable lenses, replace them with a fresh pair.

Scleral lenses can be kept in for most water sports. They’re more secure than other lens types, and the cornea is sealed underneath the lens and is protected from possible contaminants. After swimming however, the same risk of contaminants adhering to the front of the lens exists, and so they should be removed, cleaned, and reinserted as prescribed.