Post laser surgery

For 95% of people that have refractive surgery, the outcome meets their expectations. If a little regression occurs after surgery, an adjustment or “enhancement” can be performed after a few months to fine-tune the result. 

For some, however, there may be a residual error that cannot be corrected with further surgery. It may be that the cornea is too thin to permit further ablation, or that distortion has occurred post-surgery that leaves an irregular astigmatism.

Either way, specialist contact lenses may be used to overcome the error. The eyes are no longer a normal shape following the treatment so moulded, disposable-type lenses may not fit to the new shape. A gas permeable hard lens can be made to fit the reshaped cornea (a reverse curve design), or a larger, scleral lens may be used to overcome the error.

Speciality contact lens solutions

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