Intolerance to moulded contact lenses

The diameter of most eyes falls within a limited range. By carefully selecting the correct base curve and diameter, a manufacturer can customise a lens design for any eye. If you are unlucky enough to fall outside of this stock size, then you may struggle to achieve the comfortable wear that most people experience.

The moulding of contact lenses has been with us for decades and today’s lenses are available in a wide range of formats: from simple spherical lenses, to torics for the correction of astigmatism, multifocals for the correction of presbyopia, and cosmetic tints to enhance or change eye colour.

For contact lens manufacturers to produce lenses in volume and keep the price low for the consumer, they limit the range sizes and shapes they produce to a minimum, sometimes supplying just one curvature and diameter across the entire power range. They can do this because the lenses are so thin and flexible that they still conform to a most eye shapes.

This means that if you have an average shape and size of eye, you have a wide range of moulded products available to you. If you don’t, custom soft lenses can help. For the 20% of wearers that struggle to find a lens to fit them, a lens can be made to measure to accommodate the largest and smallest of eyes. Prescriptions can also be made to cover those unusual requirements that fall outside the standard power range, so no compromise need be made in terms of either comfort or vision.

Speciality contact lens solutions

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