Start here if you’re a (potential) contact lens wearer or care for one. As we grow older and change, so do our eyes and the issues associated with them. Speciality contact lenses might be the solution.

Vision for life

While age may affect how well our eyes work, it’s wrong to assume that some treatments are only suitable for those of a certain age. Click on the links for more detail about conditions and treatments affecting various age groups.

We want our children's first view of the world to surprise and delight - and therefore to be clear. Problems spotted now can make all the difference to how a child's eyes develop. Eye conditions in infants
Problems with eyesight in a child's formative years affect the speed and nature of their development and academic progress, and are often complicated by sensitivity to peer pressure. Eye conditions in children
As we enter adulthood, eye trauma, or the seemingly 'early' onset of age-associated eye conditions, can come as a cruel shock. Modern lenses offer a range of solutions, however. Eye conditions in young adults
The range of common eye conditions that can affect adults is extensive. However, the range of remedies and counter-measures is, thankfully, equally comprehensive. Eye conditions in adults
By the time we've reached "a certain age" degenerating eye-sight is often accepted as inevitable. Failing eye health and poorer vision, however, should never be. Eye conditions in seniors

Eye concerns

Find out more about vision correction and how traumas and conditions affect the eyes. The list of topics covered is extensive, and concludes with advice on types of lenses that can provide relief and/or remedy.

Some of the most common conditions that can affect your vision explained in layman's terms, together with a breakdown of lens types used to counteract their effects. Vision correction
As distressing as they sound (and often are to the patients concerned) eye injuries and traumas are far from untreatable. Here are some examples, together with lens types that can provide comfort and/or facilitate healing. Injuries & Trauma
A summary of lesser-known eye conditions, but including those that affect a surprising number of people, together with the lens types that can reduce their effects. Chronic conditions